Tuesday, May 3, 2011

GOLD or CASH? Which one is a better saving for future?

Cash or Gold? Which one you choose? GOLD is the ANSWER for sure but when talk about gold, what will people say?

"Gold is expensive brother. It's only for richer!". 

This is a negative thinking. They say this without know the gold current price actually.

"There's not so much different lor. I don't want to waste my time to think about this".

Lazy will say this but thank God, i never hear my friend say this. Haha!!

"I know the price of gold keep increase.I want to buy it. Urm...I'll tell you later when I'm ready"

Brother, you have to move fast. Thinking is good but over think is dangerous! So, avoid it.

Most people know about GOLD actually. But they don't have enough facts and prove about this. So, i want to share about the history of gold price. Lets see how far the price of gold can increase by referring to previous years. Kindly please refer graph below. =)
Gold price for 1 Month

Gold price 2 Month
Gold price for 6 month

 Gold price for 1 Year

 Gold price for2 Year

Gold price for 5 years

From graphs above, do you notice that gold price always increasing monthly and yearly around 20%-30% a year! What will happen if you just save your money in bank for a year? did you get this 20%? Haha.. Think about it. But Malaysian! HOW TO INVEST IN GOLD? I'll tell you at next post ok! See ya!


1)  The graph above is generated by goldprice.org. 
2)  Wait for next post ok! haha

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